Bored, and watching

Today all my family go out for holiday. And only me who stay in home. JUST ME! so, while i'm waiting for their return from the tour-- maybe just for 6 hours. I will alone in my home.
Before they go, i choose some suited dress for my daughter, Kyla. She was so cute in her pink Bali dress with necklace, bracelet and her sunglasses. The items colors are ALL PINK. i called her "PIGI--for pink girl". And her hair, i make pony tail above her head. So cute!
They've gone.
And i'm alone. Quiet silent. And i turn on the television. Switching the station for an hour, and lucily find the great film on Celestial TV.
It was a film from Korea. The title in my screen's tv is 'A Family' it made me cried for four times! Korean's film was the greatest!
This film was telling us about the girl who hates her father so much because his father was half-blind. The story goes with that problem, this girl was a thief and still has relation with some gangster. Her father has Leukimia and his age was about a month. And the sad part when the girl knew caution why her father blind from her father's friend. The caution is her self when she was a little., about 4 years. She plays with scissors, and the scissors fall on her father's eyes. Oh man, the acting was good!
but i can't get for the picture. i think the true title isn't a family.
And after the a family was the end. with sad ending-- her father was killed by the gangster when her father want to safe his daughter from the gangster.
I watching the film in same channel with title "A Knot"
this is the beautiful film about 1948. it's new film which telling about 1948 in taiwan. The man whom be a english teacher fall in love with the dentist daughter whom very pertty i though. they were falling in love both but because there was a war, the boy and the girl separated and --- i dont know the continued. my father change the channel. He was return at home!

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