Gelar Jepang Universitas Indonesia

1st Day
it was amazing that i can go to GJUI this year. after i took the last test in mys school, in saturday i planned to go to this festival. a year ago, my sensei introduced this festival to me by invite me together with my japan's club. but in this year, i go with Gita, Putri and Dinike by train to Indonesia University :D
We agreed to meet at school after saw our final test's score. And gita bring her brother as driver to pick us go to Tebet. After that, we walked until the station and bought the ticket. At 11 pm, the executive AC Express came and we all went in to the train. I thought, i can sit but that false. i must stand and hold on to the train until the depok's station. oh my -__-
And after an half hour, we made it! we are in depok!! wuohoho i'm very happy. and then i ran to the shop across the rail and bought one bag. The bag from UI, i always want it. After that, we change our uniform to clothes and walked to FIB UI. before that, we visited the FISIP UI to get some information, but the security block us while we want to the dekkan building hahaha.
In FIB UI, the atmospheres are All Japan. I love this one. I ran straight to shopping! My hands are full of bag and my teeth busy to smashed Takoyaki in my mouth. I went to home at 4pm :D
I succesfully bought this things :D

this is knownly as Nobita's bag. or elemantary's bag in Japan. This bag is very expensive. But cause i really like it, the price is never mind haha
finally, i had this one. my future bag, my dreams and my proudly
and this one is Takoyaki. There are octopus inside the ball. Very yummy you must try it.
It's a must

2nd Day
I cried all the night because yesterday i had a problem with my mom about my future university. And i thought today i can't go to there. But after i and my mom spoke a little, my mom gave me permission to go there. Today i go there by fadhel's car. We ride the car to depok about 3 hours -___- hahahah, we spent our time mostly in Tol because always got the false way hahaha and then fadhel's money are change to coin because the tol's offIn car i can't speak anymore. I'm in bad mood. After that, fadhel with me go to FISIP to search some information, we took some picture with all cosplayers and ate takoyaki. OOOH and i bought donghae's ruler (the ruler with donghae face on it hahaha) and i saw dimas akira today.

ate the dango ball. the taste is very sweet

but today i can't until 11pm. That's impossible to see me outside in the night haha. so i can't do hanabi and bon odori this year. that's so sad

i love bon odori. bon odori is dancing which all the visitors can join the dance follow the lead in main circlehanabi is like fireworks in america

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jepang.net said...

Girl, you sure enjoy your japanese day! :)

komanechi said...

haha yeah of course :) i hope it will be everyday, my japanese day haha