Should I?

It's me, in the middle of night, wanted to clean up my messy room suddenly after had arrived late night from office. I tidied up my bed, arranged inside of the cupboard, and cleaned up the working desk. When I opened the shelf, I found little treasure from college life that succed to make me smile, agonizing the sweet memory.

I found letters from my friends, their sweet and honest messages for me. In red box of shelf corner, lied couple of name cards of successful alumnus frol reputable company. I also found post card from my overseas friend that I know from many conferences and events which I joined.

I was drowned into old memories again. Thinking how sweet, free, and fun my lofe in university. Then I start comparing with my current life, which has no fun at all.

My mom yesterday said something luke "I feel pity on you. After put so much effort in university, now you also have to work this very hard? When will your life be much more fun, Kid?"

Then I stop. Should I wake up now?

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Livia "Lily" Meilani said...

I am about to write a post like this and I read yours haha.

Semangat kom :D