Just to keep me posting one each month. I am alive.

I think I am now getting used to as corporate finance. Well, it is not what I imagine before in the future. But as I am taking this chance as exercise for me to manage my own corporation, I take every lesson I learned each day into my mind. Like the interaction with colleagues, meeting and negotiate with my supervisor, and keep my professional manner on top of everything.

I am not a person that really like stock price, market, and risk that lied on your portfolio, I am not that kind of person. That sticky image well not really attach to my mind even one sec. Even after I knew some of my friends that work in financial industry live with wealthy and high-class standard living, imagining me in that kind of situation is not appealing me.

Evaluate what I have done so far, I am still seeking my true passion day by day. I am still questioning my daily activities as corporate finance as my future. But still wondering if I could be someone useful for my country/society if I keep in this position and company? (or am I being too naive?) that is just what in my mind honestly everyday. Truely a visioner? LOL.

Tomorrow is my birthday anw.

I wish I could achieve all of my goals for this year and be useful and more great person day by day. I hope I could travel the world before I die. and I hope I could continue my study to master as soon as possible, wherever the country is. And I hope I could always make my parents proud of me.

HBD to me in advance! Yey 21yrs old already!

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