Me and an Affogato

Holiday means brainstorming for me.

I have a free time, good coffee in hand -even though alone in this cozy coffee shop, the music is so damn ear-catchy till make you relax and not thinking about tomorrow.

I was thinking about going wild recently. I already have been so calmed and going through the path lately. And that's not really me being me. That's just me playing safe.

Couple days ago I just did something brave and spoke what I thought. It's bad that I have to do that instead of they take initiative to do so. Well, I don't know the result of my 'brave or stupid' actions, but whatever happen in the future I will not regret it. I just so tired being stupid and boring person.

Now I am under project with myself. The inner soul of mine --who really feel lonely haha want me to step out from the shed where I hiding for too many years. Yes, the project is just me being very very very friendly with everyone who trying to talk with me :) I am now in friendly mode. You will find me on your nearest coffee shop since I am also do some creative project to taste and compare the goods and bads of coffee shop in Jakarta greater area. My friend will open her coffee shop soon and my other friend will finish his long journey of finding the best coffee bean in Indonesia in couple months again, I will join them!

You know (or not) I really love coffee. I love meet new people and talk with them about anything. Open my mind, broaden my perspective, and cherish my moment. That's great how you see people could easily connected just because a coffee bean or how great it is to smell the scent of fresh brewed coffee, or just listen together the French music from old music box in the corner.

Now, I have to go back sip my hot affogato.