I am a woman.

OI think I reach my point where whenever I pass by, everyone will get my charm (?). I mean, I am quiet attractive lately. Yes a little narcissist but that is real! I am enjoy this current situation, while I am trying to open myself and trying to see possibilities where I can find someone who match with my egoistic self.

In the past, I see people in relationship is stupid human who got fooled by something called love, the human made phrasw which could make everything is right, eventhough it should not be called right. Nothing changes a lot in the present for me. I am still looking a relationship a terrible way to call off, but human nature still inside me. I am lurking for attention or care by someone lately. So I thought I was crazy, lack of activities, etc. I am deny it.

Time is ticking. But I wont make my self under pressure bcs of it since I want to enjoy my freedom and my time. I am still waiting and searching the one that really could fulfill my desire of what a partner of life is. Not only temporary lover or lust filled but the one whom could be my partner, my friend, lover, and listener for my entire life.

Let me being an or called as naive. I am a woman.

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