Sooner or later.

It's been March and will reach end of it soon.

While time goes by, I am doing my job here, looking of any possibility, risk, and opportunity for my company to hold and grow in Indonesia. Or instead should I mention, just helping my manager doing their analysis? whatever it is, practically I am enjoying my time here and learning a lot from people here.

Working as an ordinary worker means having a space to think and spend time more with yourself. I would like to say that I have more quality time with family and myself, comparing when I was a consultant back then. I could see my Mom before and after going to work. I could say 'good night' to my little sister and 'have a nice day in school' to her before I leave home. I can spend two hours running at my cardio and watching my favourite Korean drama, stalking their forum, and wishing my favourite couple would have real relationship. I could enjoy the latest movie in cinema every Friday night with my best friend and enjoy cup of coffee in coffee shop at the corner near my home. I never have traffic jam in these 4 months since I only take train and company's car to reach the office building. To sum up, my regularly life sounds normal and nice.

But well, if you know me well, what I have told you above are not what I expect to happen in earlier stage of my career. Instead, there are what my parents expect towards me. I rather say, I am just fine that happy for this condition. I am not saying that I will quit from my current job right now (I have not think about it since my current responsibility still challenging for me), I just think that they are left space to be working on.

And yes, when I struggle and chaos with my own mind, God always know how to make it works.

(sorry to late for inform you guys about my bff condition. She is right now in very good condition. She already left the hospital, she could talk and walk again, and she is now in recovery to her normal condition. When she fits to work, she definitely will going to work and reach her dreams again, soon.)

I was invited to visit my lecturer's house with my two bffs (yes, with the one whom struggle with the virus in her brain). My lecturer also had attacked by the same virus. She shared her inspiring stories, knowledges, and quotes. We also have a time to share our stories, and I shared the one I never shared before, my dreams, the real one. Since now I think I don't live a life that I wanted the most, I told them. My lecturer listened carefully and suggested me a good and strong opinion: I shall continue my master as soon as possible.

Yes. I finally found the one that share a same vision with me. And she is my own old lecturer. I never expected that day I would give a joy tears. I really happy to finally realize that I should run again to catch my old dream. At that day, me and my bffs took a promise, that we have to prepare to start our own dream. We agreed to spend every Saturday together to prepare the master degree.

Now I am not seeing my regular day as regular any more. Instead, I see the opportunity to study again. I could emphasize my time (that usually my auditor friends still in office checking line by line the differences that they get) to learn English, Math, macroeconomics, doing my research, everything.

I know it still a long way to go. But at least I know for sure it will happen, sooner or later. Since I already working on it. and the best is I am not alone, I, once again, reach my dream accompanied by my best friend. We can share our joy, hard time, and difficulties together.

and I hope whoever you are and whatever your dreams are, you could be optimist and reach the goal. sooner or later. God will always be with you :)

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Rima Ramadhania said...

kaaa, seneng banget 1 tahun ini masih bisa baca tulisan kaka. terkadang semangat muncul setelah baca tulisan kaka. makasih kaa