Old me

Looks like someone is having fun with his little heart falling in love with his new crush, his ideal type. And someone over here really got sick of it and wishing them a happy joyful relationship. I never knew that my imagination when I met her a long time ago and had a little chit-chat talking about him, and though that they maybe fitted together, now really happen that they DO together. for the sake of God, why you have to telling me before?

I don't know but he was really matters for me once and now I just wishing him happy. I do not know whether he will give me the invitation, if yes, so it must be a sad ending for my first love story, doesn't it? well, whatever.


Now going to the last month of being an intern, and I becomes more relax and enjoy the time I shared with them. But yesterday, when I was decided to (maybe I will accept the job offering), I read my write titled 'Last chapter and new hope' and I was shocked that what I just wanted to do really going reverse to my old self. and I feel so shame with that. because I forgot with my own promise and principle, I just come here without thinking twice and pessimistic.

So, I made a conclusion, a really better one.

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