Change: Healthy lifestyle

It will be long article if I wrote the reason of my changes in details, so I leave it and just want to tell you guys the part of fun of this changing in my life!

I have some changes in my routine activity. back then, exercising and running are just words that never would I did but now, at least in a week I will do running and yoga to make my body more fit and healthy. I also change my eat habit. I already do not eat rice for my breakfast and just eat a spoon of rice in my lunch. I change my rice with another carbohydrate such as wheat bread or smashed potatoes and eat bunch of vegetables of fruits. I also add volume water those goes in my body each day like minimal I will drink 2 liters water, because I have tight schedule and activities in campus. Plus climate in Jakarta (hot) demanding me to do that more.

I am not seeking my weight will decrease with all of those stuff but my goal is to be more healthy. I am just feel my body is much more easy to move and I have more focus in class even I think I need more adaptation for all of those stuff since much of changes I applied, like no rice and exercising in same time.

the fun things despite of decreasing my plate portion is YOGA! I do love yoga even I am willing to spend like hundred thousands rupiah to but the mattress, that showing my self of my commitment in doing yoga. Now I am planning to join Yoga community around my home so I could do yoga more and networking at the same time.

In yoga itself, I find myself hard to do it since my body categorized as stiff and inflexible. but I am very proud after done around 4 times yoga, I could do sun salutations and dog pose easily, and now I am addicted with yoga!! I will practise it every morning before go to campus.

my family also support my new habit, since mom has to maintain dad's food free from fat and excessive sugar, now we have orange juices, oat crackers, low fat milk, soya less sugar milk, spinach, apples, wheat bread, salmon in our fridge and menu list everyday. Yummy and of course, more healthy!

I will come back for the details, see you!

I could do this position like for 3 minutes, since it is so comfortable

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