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Hi, World.

Life is getting hard on me, again. And you know the reason why I am writing here tonight, since no one willing to hear my problem as much you.

It’s just simple hesitation in me nowadays, that I found hard to find a friend to accompany me to do anything since my sister left me going to reach her dream to be a doctor. Like the condition I have now made me think "am I should find a boyfriend so I do not have pleased each of my BFF to accompany me where I want to have someone walk with me?” yes. I have though in that way, and that’s a disaster.
But, I do not want to have one at this time.

And I chose rather to walk alone or if I were lucky, some of my friend willing to go with me. Ah, what-a-life. But thinking of this way, it seems scary if later when I am getting older and all of my friends are busy with their family, who will I call to accompany me but husband or boyfriend? Even my sisters and mom will have their own things.

Should I buy cat or dog when I am getting older? I know they will help me get warm hugs and kisses. Nice!

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Arinda Puspitasari said...

Siberian husky puppy pleasee :)