You called it

I am just human. You are also a human, so you whom read my writing right now do not have a right to judge me as a naive human or so-ever you call me. I just want to express my feeling right now cause if I tweeted this, I just make my beloved followers timeline flooded with my shitty bullshit things. Yes, I am not in a very good mood but I am very in a passionate energy. Yes.

This evening when I just came back from campus, the day was fulled with tough discussions with my best friends. One of them talking about ex-boyfriend and love life and the other one talking about travelling and principle (which is the toughest one). I feel like, what a things to be discussed after class, but this is the time that rare time to talking those themes with them. After talking from A to Z, I realized that I need something to change myself, which is the only one who have it is me. I know, I have to take an action to make my plan to become true so I will not always full of regrets in the rest of my campus life. Since in their conversation, I always look that they have something that I do not have it yet and I want it (yes, this thing that you called ego), I want to be perfect as I can, I want to make my life more better than now since I do not know that mine can called as good if compare with some of my friend's life.

Now I promise. Plan, action, and learn. Remember this is the golden chance that you won't miss it :)

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Arinda Puspitasari said...

haha yeah better write it in blog because 140 characters in twitter can't handle it.