1st week 3rd term

Hi people around the world!
Today is the second week of third semester. Sorry for lack of post recently because started from last monday, I prepared for orientate-fresh graduated of Seni Gerak Budaya (SGB) and Badan Otonom Economica (BOE) stand. For SGB, I must trained my self every evening for dance bidjeh dance from Aceh with three others friends and six other whom dance Bajidor and Bali dance. It was tiring and waste much of my energy.

But yesterday after we performed front of all fresh-graduate 2011 FEUI, it was spectaculer! we did not feel tired anymore. and after that in the noon we stood up in front our stand and promote SGB.

Before that, in the morning, I act as external affair from BOE and shouted out our name: BOE! to all people who wear yellow jackets (red: the fresh graduated people) for come and see our room to know more abot "What is BOE'. It was so much fun! and tiring, of course.

still, in the evening I met up with my cooperation group to discuss about our tasks and presentation, not forget to do my priority after so much activity, right?

That's all my summary for this week. Bismillah for the next week, hope I can manage my money more efficiently.

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