Snipped from the tight time I had to write in this blog via my berry. Many events which I want to tell, wanted to write here but unfortunately I did not have any time or few energy to did it.
People, next Monday I will face my last exam which are accounting and statistical tests. I just try to not sleep this saturday and sunday, prepare very well for gain any information and lesson in the books, prepared for the hardest tests. Closed the second semester happily (amen)

Anyway, I faced many trouble in this term. I lost many best friends, I lost my GPA (I hope it will less than I expected), I loss many of hair in my head, I am stressful. I often anti-social nowadays. Do not know why, initially I just move away from my friends and prefer to not talk with them. That was happen two weeks ago, until yesterday. I have many tasks from my organization. It takes many times of mine. My study have became so mess. I can not explain further. I am in mess now. Just pray non-stop to God. For the better result in SIAK-NG

*honestly I do not want to talk about this topic. It goes wrong suddenly haha.

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