My coffee is my toxin, but i love it

..Kafein menghambat enzim-enzim yang digunakan dalam pembentukan memori, dan pada akhirnya menyebabkan hilangnya memori. Telah ditunjukkan bahwa kafein menghambat enzim fosfodiesterase, yang terlibat dalam proses pembelajaran dan perkembangan memori.. -headlineindonesia.wordpress.com
or i will translate that my lovely caffeine is somehow can obstruct my memories and finally affect to a lost memories. you know, in my lately post i've been talking about "i felt weird because i had forgotten all my memories in old days when elementary and now, in junior high school". I'm just remember some people which is really keep in touch with me.

i really love coffee since elementary school. i always drink that chemical thingy after school ended. what it called, pop iced blended. in junior, i cut the coffee with mango juice everyday and made me healthy -mom's said. in high school, i came back with that brown liquid and in love last one year because i met up with national exam and simak ui which was need my full attention, focus, and strength. i need the coffee, everyday.

my mom, idk why but never stop me to  pick the coffee in stores, never blame me for drink it every morning like a granddaddy or grandmommy. and i realize what i'm doing now. i knew the consequence(s), i knew it. i love my life, my flat life :) but idk about my future. and i just love the way i drink that brown liquid everyday. i just love every seconds i waste when i drink that toxin. i don't feel the sick now, maybe five or ten years later i will be in bed, one of the consequences i knew before.

now on my mom angry if i mixed the coffee in kitchen every morning, idk why she angry now. it's too late. i am addict with it. i can't leave with it. i just love my toxin until i die. i should warn you that others things that you should move away was coffee but cigarettes and alcohol and drugs. coffee is more devil than you thinking before. it kills you second by second. sweet, isn't it?

the problem is, i am cry. i love my life but i don't know that the affect of my little coffee shown up this fast. i don't know, but just don't take me this five years. i wanna finish my assignment, fulfill my promises with my parents, seeing my sister grown up and has a boyfriend. my chocolate things made me sick.

but i can't turn away. i meet it everyday. in every menu that showed front of my face. in every cabin that house had. in my dorm, my room, and now presented in my glass accompany me doing the resume for tomorrow. oh god, what should i do? :(

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