New Beginning

What a month I have been through!

These 30 days (soon) will be hard to be remembered since I was so busy keep my feet running everyday to catch up many interview schedule and test that I got. Alhamdulillah, today I found the one that will be my future step as professional accountant.

Apart from the good news, the best part is I am not alone survive in this condition, there are some nice people who always support and give me information to keep strive and optimist. And when each of us left our unemployment title, we celebrated it and give around support to keep give our best shot for the next opportunity. In here I realized how precious friends could be in your life and how grateful you will because of their existence in every seconds your life. They cherish and giving joy for my black day and weekend during this month. I could not imagine what will happen if I do not meet them.

Yes, I will soon start my new journey. I know I never choose the easy path to live my life, and I never regret my decision. I should joy every moment later, because I won't regret it later when I already left and looked back on the past. I want to give my best and show them around what I really am. Ambition is one of my power to keep live until now.

And I will not stop my crazy plan in here. I am still writing my life and expect what will come in my unexpected life. You have to wonder what's next crazy things will show up here.


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