Holiday: no intern, all by myself

It's been a hard week for me already, for a start of holiday. I have to accept that I have no obligation being a worker in this summer holiday, or should we called Internship duty. It just me whom made it so messy and too picky so it ended up like this. I won't blame myself for this little problem (yes, I called it problem) but me is the problem. I, sort of, am a little pessimist in the way I look myself after that happened and I'm on my down-turn cyclical. My friends, accepted in many great company and tweeting their experience or moment that made me jealous (yes, jealous). But I, then, prefer to not care about it, and just doing all the best in this holiday moment as me-myself moment (yes, that are rare if it's during study period).

So, I have planned many things for this three month. I have saved much money for my Korea trip this summer and before that I am planning to get a little productive day to make myself not really hate this holiday for being unproductive one. Yes, I want to enjoy my time study accounting again by myself. I know I really weak at accounting theory and based, so before I graduate, I have to be ready with all of these things. and then I want to sharpen my English skill with more practice and a little studying, and planning to get a test for a challenge for myself. I also want to do some city trip with my foreign friends that come to Jakarta. I voluntarily being their guide as their staying in here since I'm so that free, hahaha.

And the best part is in this fasting period, I will learn how to cook from the best chef in the world: my mom! I also already registered my self on a gym and yoga class. have planned to doing vegetarian so I will reduce meat and fish. And also, I will spend more time with my lovely Kyla that growing bigger since she already an elementary student <3 a="" i="" m="" p="" proud="" sister="">
that's all and I'm very happy!!
because not all of experience and money can make you happy for a holiday, isn't it?

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