when your nationalism being asked

It happened yesterday, when I went with my college friends to audition for kind of quiz program in one of most station television in Indonesia. We did not know, and did not wish to see those way of audition. The audition consist of ten teams in one room which every team consists of five peoples whom dress weird to attracted funny, joy, and cheerful. Every team shows its jingle in front of all the teams and judges. And we shocked about the questions after first team finished their jingled. He asked someone of them to sing our national anthem: Garuda Pancasila in awkward moves and changed all its vocal words to 'E'. That time, I really shocked and fortunately, all of my friends think the same way. We in silent keep the anger, and said in our heart, 'why you even use your national song as the teaser for audition, for toys to see our silliness?!. I even asked my friend besides me what if I stand up suddenly, interrupts their audition, and get mad to those judges. but my rationality said it was wrong and my friend said so. In silent, in our seats, we mad, we angry, to see those event.

Team by team went front and showed their jingled, and finally times for our team showed ours came. We did it great, our jingle, I think, was the best than the others. And then the question(s) after jingle come out. One of them ask someone of us to showed the jingle individually. He did it good, we even cheered up him from the back. The second question was same, judge asked someone of us to come and perform alone our jingle. And the last question came to me. I came with confident, a little bit action and it will done. But the question was the forbidden words I want to hear from him. Yup, he want me to sing Garuda Pancasila in 'funny' way by changing its vocal words to 'E'.

At that time, without thinking too much and ask permission from my team, I denied him. Really. He was shocked, and I was smile. I explained briefly why I did not want and ask if he can change the songs, ask to not use national songs, said that it really shame for me to sing that way to my country national song for that occasional (which was to having fun, he said). I said that it was same for me as I got naked in front of all of this people. And fortunately all of my friends agreed and we, together, denied judge's request and be strong of the worst case decision: will not be able to pass this audition. Until the last of audition, I still did not change my tenet and the judge still want me to sing Garuda Pancasila. Haha. Come on, what's your purpose for did this to us. It was really not funny at all, and you still can see someone's capability being a clown without blotted your own national song!

Personally, I really disappointed. I did not expect this situation. My soul said it was wrong, and I really do love this country. I just secretly proud of my little action that I did yesterday. I just did something nice for my country, build the nationality hefty. I do love Indonesia, I do. I live and studying in the only one university which can use Indonesia for its name. We proud of our decision! Hidup Mahasiswa! :) :)

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Tandy Mackenzie said...

What the hell was on that judges' mind. You did the right step sister!! The judges and even contestant who did it should actually be jailed for doing that disrespectful action to one of our national songs.

*yang bacanya aja ikutan sebel