Conclusion being a LO's economix

What a conclusion? many words probably come out but the first is tired, following with fun, no study, happy, sleepy, cool, and great. I'm being a liason's officer for university of airlangga and UI. Kak Farid, Kak Daniel, Kak Anggun, Kak Ragil, Kak Sentya, Kak Widya, Kak Sri, dan Kak Avina. And met new friends from overseas at Philippine named Louie, Bene, Jo, Pauline, Miah, Serano, Professor Al, Camile, and Ina. But i'm kinda sad had being a quiet person there because i felt my english was bad, very bad.

Do you want to know who's the winner? guess who? the pretty girls from de la salle won the USD 1000 and Jo with Serano got the USD 600, following Kak Budi and Kak Luthfi from UI got USD 400. I was sad hearing that Kuya Bene and Ate Miah lose, but it was a competiton. The saddest part was after the closing ceremony, my favorite kuya and ate quickly going to the airport and flied to their hometown, iloilo. the fake vidi too haha.

Oh oh, yeah about the fake vidi aka jo whom from de la salle. The Economix staff always describe him similar like vidi aldiano, artist from Indonesia. What do you think after seeing this? haha

Vidi Aldiano

the imitation :P

My first organizations in campus, my first being a LO, and my first to seeing phillipine people. I'll take the quote that practice make perfect. Zoory from Bulgaria during the general lecture in tuesday said that i need practice for my english. Bene and Louie said that they wil come back to Jakarta next year, i'll wait them. Or maybe i'll go to phillipine?

ps: study hard for the exaaaam -____-

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ghea said...

itu lebih mirip gilang akun kooom dari pada vidi aldiano.. kekekeke

aaaaaahhh taun depan mau ikutan economiiiix. :')

Nadya Komanechi said...

ahahhaha anjrrriiiiiit iyaaa foto itu mirip gilang hahahaha

ayo ge ikutan aja hehe seru lho

Anonymous said...