Hey, this is me to mumble and talk non-sense since I am back with my old self who has trust issue with my surrounding.

I am now staying at Singapore for couple weeks back and forth due to my work. Well, I love how I can feel different vibrant that I get everyday compare with Jakarta. And the best part is I can meet new people, eat new things everyday and try whatever I couldn't get in Jakarta.

Back to the point why I am writing here. I do not know I am doing something that I should not do. Like I am trying now to find a boyfriend. Like I am trying to listen to people that show interest on me. Like now I share my smile to people. Like yes, I am open myself to new people who want to get closer with me. But you know what? it does not feel like me. I feel terrible after that. I feel like I pushed myself to do something that I should not do.

I always has an issue with someone. If I opened myself, I wish that person can respect of my effort to do that as I do have trust issue. Meanwhile, almost they do not. They think I was easy. They think I am that easy to fall in love. And they think there is no problem with relationship, trust, and so whatever you say.

I do not know what I want to write here, I just feel want to share it with someone.

I just feel empty and angry for no reason.

I want to go far away from reality.

I always a person who do not stay in a same place for long time. but what am I doing here? I have been staying too long. I have to go and I need a break.

But if I come back, somehow I always forget that I want to escape. Somehow, I just give up and do nothing instead. And suddenly time has flied so fast already, without me notice.

So............. yeah.

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