2015, I am ready!

It's come again, the end of the year. Now it's for 2014.

The good and the bad already happened this year. Many things has been achieved but failures had come all the way around as well. It was ups and downs, laughs and tears, happiness and sadness. 2014 has been give me so many lesson learned to be someone more mature and better for 2015.

And this is the day where everything has to be wrapped up. I have to be ready (whatever the condition) to move on and set my self to reach another goals.

to whom everyone may read this, please help me to remember how important 2015 would be (since I sometimes forget the path I should lead onto). I may force myself to: focus in what I am doing right now, be professional, be more punctual, more confidence, and keep pursue my old dream.

well, I think next year would not give me a chance to think about love. since my resolutions in 2015 is clear of those kind of things and will be so mucch busy of achieve this and that. I hope my resolutions could be aligned with God's will (or God let my wish to be come true).

then without further due, let's welcome the upcoming year with a bright smile, hope, and spirit!
Happy New Year 2015! Let's make the list come true and be a successful person a year ahead! Wo-hoo!

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