1st May. May day. But for me, that is a day of a new day(life) for me. My birth day.

Thank you for everything.

I am sending my gratitude to Allah SWT, my parents for having me so far, my sisters and brother, my family. They always there, they always be my home even though I am as I am. Whom not a really nice, immature, unwise, lazy girl.

I am really thankful for my best friends, they are people who still with me even though I am as I am. I am not that funny, not that good listener, not a good joker, not always ready to pick up their phones nor listen to their sad stories. I am a bad friend but they are still there. Which makes me so grateful that I have still friends surround me.

I really want to say thank you for myself. That has been working so hard to make me be here up until now. As I am now. But I wish that I can be more a good person in the future, makes my parents proud even more, a more greater role model for my siblings, more better in work, more open with new people, be a good friend to your best friends, more open-minded and show my feelings more to people, let new people getting into my life, and more love your own self.

I just want to say, Happy Birthday! 23 is a great number!

Europe tour

I just got back from my short trip to Europe a couple days ago. It was an astonish experience, since I decided to travel alone, by myself, to give more time for myself to think and understand of how life works.

The journey was, how should I called it, an expensive one? I am not only talking in terms of value in money, but also in value of time. I was like trading my life to those two weeks moment (even though later on many things happened, like my phone was turned out broken and all of photos taken there was gone, I am still okay. I remember all little things happened there).

During my weeks there for working, I met amazing people with high integrity and good professional manner. I guess many things has to be upgraded in my working method, and how I solve everything surround. Those people that sent to HQ was selected and I, luckily was one of them. We were talking in group, thinking about ideas and improvement methods. One thing back then that was popped out in my head was "Ah, there are many journeys in here, still long way to go". I see a glimpse of world in that room filled with 70 heads that time.

I visited some places in my trip. You know, I like to emphasize the chance I have. I stayed for week in Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, and Munich of Germany. I really enjoyed my learning curves there, like when was asking people to help me buy the train ticket from the machine, saying goodbye and thank you in local language, visiting local events and markets there, enjoying the home made brewery with locals, riding a local public transportation, sipping local coffee, and getting troubled with security control there. That was amazing :)

And I also met many new friends from all over the world. They are from Japan (for sure), Turkey, Germany, Korea, Australia, USA, Prague, Brazil, and Mexico. Only me is coming from ASEAN. A-ma-zing, since not often we show up in international event like that. All of that was happened thanks to my superior and boss that allowed me to go there and used their budget. Like thanks!

After finished for working stuff, I extended my trip to do personal stuffs. I visited my friend in Rotterdam, we met during open trip in Indonesia couple months ago. She invited me to stay in her house and I was accepted that. So from Munich, I went along the lines to go there. I visited Salzburg, Austria (and cancelled my trip to Prague since it was too far from the Netherlands), and Antwerp, Brussels of Belgium. It was so lovely to stays for week as local in Holland. I was riding a bike, visiting museum, shopping to the local grocery shop, tapping the ticket as local, saying thanks in Deutsch (haha), seeing the tulip, cheesy cheese, freezing super cold since the wind was too strong (event that was in Spring), seeing snow in the first time of my life, and feeling super grateful for my friend having me as super best host ever in the world!

Europe has showed me its charm, many times. Now I have experienced it by myself. And I cannot wait to come back again, to stay there a little longer while pursue my study there. I love the people, love the fresh air there, love how the wind blows there. Everything is new for me but that's what makes me want to go back again. I will be back :)