1st May. May day. But for me, that is a day of a new day(life) for me. My birth day.

Thank you for everything.

I am sending my gratitude to Allah SWT, my parents for having me so far, my sisters and brother, my family. They always there, they always be my home even though I am as I am. Whom not a really nice, immature, unwise, lazy girl.

I am really thankful for my best friends, they are people who still with me even though I am as I am. I am not that funny, not that good listener, not a good joker, not always ready to pick up their phones nor listen to their sad stories. I am a bad friend but they are still there. Which makes me so grateful that I have still friends surround me.

I really want to say thank you for myself. That has been working so hard to make me be here up until now. As I am now. But I wish that I can be more a good person in the future, makes my parents proud even more, a more greater role model for my siblings, more better in work, more open with new people, be a good friend to your best friends, more open-minded and show my feelings more to people, let new people getting into my life, and more love your own self.

I just want to say, Happy Birthday! 23 is a great number!

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