I know I shouldn't have to brag about this right now, but I'm so excited to get the news. I just got email from my professor that was told me to prepare my internship report defense because my writing is accepted to make me graduate this semester! I'm so happy!!

And one more email was about I have to go to Singapore this week because I got invited to attend interview meeting in Singapore by some of Japanese companies. Like what I am super duper happy tonight!

It was such a blessing. Because those email came after I prayed to Allah in my shalat, to calm me down and pasrah. But Allah just reward me with those surprises! Actually I really don't believe it, especially the Singapore thing because one week before I just got email that told me that I wasn't accepted haha but it such a relieve. alhamdulillah.

So this is it. My new life has just begun and I don't want to regret it again. I will make it these chances to be a golden chance for me. Wait for it!! :)