I am okay :)

Somehow I don't want to share my bad things in front of public, I want to keep it for my self. But this feeling just so bad until I could not keep it by my self. And I just want people to learn from my failure, so they could avoid it and success way more good than me.

I just reached on level that I took my self to high, but not looking inside myself that my true self is not that high. I am too selfish and take everything too easy. So people judge me that I am not serious, or I was not serious back then. But the result already came out and time has never goes back. You could not change back your way and people's mind. All we could do is learn from mistake and swear that those things will never be happened again. NEVER. I promise until I will death, God I swear.

I really do want to take my self in failure hole again, because the upcoming thing is really high important that have not to be failure one, please. So I have to serious and persistent because my future is in this one month. Let's go!! Get back and let's do this!!!!

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