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Unexpected things rarely happened in my life. Like this one.
Couple days ago I got text from my friend that we (me and my friends which attended audition for quiz in one of television-- just read this) PASSED THE AUDITION!! wohooo~
We really hopeless and did not think about pass the quiz's audition.

So, yesterday, we got aired live from studio one somewhere-television with many peoples wore weird clothes and make up. We even styled our face with weird make up (love lipstick and wing eyeliner) and wore beach dress, sun glasses, and summer cap in those studio. For boys, they wore floral-shirt and using sun glasses like us.

The crew in those studios before we got aired live, played some music to made ice-breaker on us. We even danced like a crazy people in the floor! That was the awesome moment for Coconut (us, our group name). We danced, jived, whooped, yelled, and sort of those things in fifteen minutes with all of other groups :)

After those crazy moments, we back sat again and got instruction from crew. The presenter, Indra Bekti and Indi Barents (you now knew what's the quiz name, right?) after that showed and joked around with us. They were silly and not different from television, handsome and pretty :) They such a cute crazy couple.

When the quiz began, we really showed what's the best from us-- whooped and screamed haha. but unfortunately, until the end of trader game, there's no one of us picked by Indra for trading.

So sorry for all of Documentary Days crew for our fails. BUT WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP! the second line of team will attended the audition in couple days. So Indonesia, wait for us!

Ps: my family (mom and dad) were uproar when saw my face in television. my aunt in Jayapura also watched those quiz and saw my face. Many of my friends mentioned me in twitter and bbm us because we appeared in television. My feeling? SHAME! what-a-weird-face I have for those times!! Our love-shaped lipstick! My parents laughed for that. My chubby face and fat body! Wtf! I now officially in serious mode for DIET! No longer to holding this pain anymore :'(


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