“Chinese Competitive Performance: Threat or Opportunity to ASEAN’s Economy?”

Opening Remark : Drs. H.M. Jusuf Kalla (Former Vice President Republic of Indonesia)
Keynote Speech : M.S. Hidayat (Minister of Industry Republic of Indonesia)
Closing Remark : Prof. Suahasil Nazara (Head of Economic Department FEUI)
Seminar First Session : “Unveiling Chinese Economic Unique Characteristic”
1. Thee Kian Wie (Senior Researcher of LIPI)
2. Prof. Dr. Subroto* (Emeritus Professor University of Indonesia, Chairman of Bimasena)
Moderator : Riatu Mariatul Qibthiyyah, SE. MA (Faculty of Economics University of Indonesia Lecturer)

Seminar Second Session: “The Collation of Rapid and Massive Development of Chinese Economy”
1. Anshari Bukhari (Director General of Transportation Equipment and Telematics Industries, Ministry of Industry Republic of Indonesia)
2. Prof. Dr. Lepi T. Tarmidi (Emeritus Professor University of Indonesia)
Moderator : Tirta Mursitama Phd. (Faculty of Political and Social Science University of Indonesia Lecturer)

Seminar Third Session: “ASEAN Economic Outlook within China-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement”.
1. Shubam Chauduri (Lead Economist of World Bank)
2. Mr. Subash Bose Pillai (Director of Market Integration ASEAN Secretary)
Moderator : Dr. Maddaremmeng (Faculty of Economics University of Indonesia Lecturer)

Ticket only 50.000 IDR for students, and 75.000 IDR for public.

have you get the ticket?

AYYA (085697557037)
contact me at chat box in this blog to booked



hari terburuk menurut gue dalam hidup adalah kemaren! sumpah itu perasaan kacau balau depresi sampai mau bunuh diri. Tebak karena apa? karena: Akuntansi, bab 3, adjusted trial balance yang masih cetek.

Gue emang bego, tapi nggak sebego ini kok. Di sini aja orangnya pada pinter semua. Nggak ipa, nggak ips, semuanya hebat, pinter, keren, berwawasan luas, aktif, jago inggris. Dibandingkan gue, gue mah nothing banget.

Mengingat akuntansi gue yang tolol setololnya, padahal ambil jurusan akuntansi, dan mengingat uts tinggal dua minggu lagi sedangkan gue nggak ngerti kalau belajar sendiri dan nggak ada yang bisa ngajarin gue, depresi lah gue. Gue gila, gue gilaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Help me. H-18..


i will hear you

gue merasa kalau gue orang yang terlalu terbawa emosi dan suasana yang keadaannya cuma sementara. dengan kata lain gue masih labil dan nggak cocok dengan umur gue yang harusnya udah bisa dikatakan dewasa. kadang emosi dan suasana yang sementara itu bisa membuat pola pikir gue berubah, jadi kesannya gue orang yang terburu-buru dalam mengambil keputusan. tapi itu tampak luar sih, didalamnya lagi masih ada hal-hal lain yang menurut gue susah gue kendalikan; dengan kata apapun itu.

ada detik di mana gue sedih dengan kesendirian gue yang mencekam pas dikosan dan ada juga detik-detik di mana gue merasa bersyukur kepada Allah dan merasa kalau gue beruntung dengan kondisi ini dan itu. ada hal-hal kecil yang membuat kita galau dan kacau, tapi itu semua baru gue sadari di sini, merupakan warna hidup kemandirian gue di kota kecil bernama depok ini. bertemu dengan ratusan wajah baru, dengan kepribadian mereka yang berbeda dan belum pernah gue tahu membuat mata gue terbuka kalau ini baru sepersekian bagian dari dunia yang sebenarnya.

maaf ya kalau postingan di bawah ini banyak ngeluh dan banyak nyalahin banyak pihak atau bagaimana.. ada kalanya detik-detik berat menurut gue itu gue simpan dan hanya bisa gue tuang di blog gue yang useless ini.

di sini gue mau bilang, kalau gue masih dalam proses pendewasaan dan kemandirian. di sini gue mau bilang kalau gue merasa bersyukur banget bisa mengalami proses semacam ini, senang sedih di sini, walaupun gue tahu ini bukan seberapa dari sekian banyak orang di luar sana yang lebih keras berusaha daripada gue. di sini juga gue mau bilang betapa gue sadar gue nggak seberapa di dunia ini dalam hal apapun, dalam segala hal gue harus berusaha untuk down to earth dan terus mendengarkan dan berdiskusi dengan orang-orang hebat di sini. semoga gue bisa terus bertemu dan mendengarkan cerita dari mereka yang bisa membuat gue lebih mengetahui hal yang nggak gue tahu, amin.

OPK's photos

source : OPK's photo uploaded by PHD


Help me

Okay. Haven’t post anything yet rode me to a lil’ way getting crazy, I meant, I’m here in my board house—alone and heard my friend from another room giggling with their friends and I’m alone. Sadly I said I’m alone doing useless terrible thing way up to tomorrow exercise from accounting class, made a balance sheet. Shit.

Another sound was from my front room, senior in architecture played jazzy song which rode me again to a deep loneliness feel, I hate jazz song forever! It made you to became a dramatic person with its tones way love. I lonely and now I realized that I single. Shit.

I opened my laptop and texting this. Lately, I can’t find place to share my life. No one like my old friend in high school. My bestiest whom in same university either. I felt sad now, stress out with accounting principles and mathematical fundamental made it more greatly sad. How I become like this?!

The others shit things were that my new friends in college by I don’t know what way—separate one another. Perfect new life college clearly gone with nature. And one people I waited here didn’t show up until now. Poor me? Hell yeah, yes.

No friend, No best friend, No mate, No boyfriend, and the rest is alone. Alone.

And now, my Arc senior played bieber’ s song, bad choice.


Nadya Komanechi

for your info, my name isn't nadya komanechi for real. it is fake. and made original from my friend in high school, name Aldo Marchiano Kaligis. Many of my friends ask about why i called as nadya komanechi than my real name, and i replied that it was under pressure (of him) to high school's since 10th grade for all my friends there to call me komanechi than nadya. first time i called as komanechi, i was so angry because komanechi sounds weird and ugly name. but now i feel kind love that name and thankful to my paping or Aldo that had given those name to me. and there he is,

and the complete conversation is;

Aldo : (beside my seat in class) Nad!
Me : What?
Aldo : Nadya..
Me : What-an..?!
Aldo : Aldo..
Me : =___=
Aldo : me, Aldo Marchiano.. and you.. you are Nadya.. Nadya Komanechi!
Me : hah?!!
Aldo : Komanechi! hahahha i knew it! tebo, wooi! (he called a friend beside him) now you must call her as Komanechi! i don't anything else! hahaha. everyone, listen to me! now, she is komanechi! call her komanechi! hahahaha (he was very a dictator -__-)
Tebo : komanechi! komanechi!!
Me : Hah?! i wooooon't!! it's ugly!
Aldo : (feeling happy because i seemed unhappy) komanechi.. hehe
Tebo : komanechi..
Fairuz : (seat front of me) komanechiii... hahahahah
all friends in class : komaneechiii :)


weird, but that's my high school nick name. before i called komanechi, i got nick as "miikoo" from my best, Nina :) and then miikoo replace by komanechi until now. so so, tell me then who are you with your nickname?

ps : if you don't know who Nadia Comaneci is, then click here. I thanked to her :)

i won't marry anyone. i'm widowed.


Today is the worst.
Today is the worst,
i'm crying in my heart, i closed my ears from anything last time.
me and my sister cried..

ya Allah.. don't judge me if i became an evil person because i learned something from this situation, i took that moment as my lesson to be someone isn't like kind of person..

don't judge me.


Tips for high school student

as my experience being student in high school, i will tell about do and don't in your high school to make your university-way swift like the air.

first one, is do your study as well. in tenth grade, please choose your informal education depend your interest. being good student in class, being good hearing in class, being active in organization, being a leader makes perfect. effectively if you can join the OSIS or important organization which can make your skills sharpened.

second, please choose well your field, in social or science. it will affect bigger than you thought before. don't think if you in science class, you can get accountancy or international relationship as well whom in social field. that is big NO. well-meant that yup, you can be accountant if your in science field but you will lose and must struggle more in university then. i suggest you to choose properly who i am in the future based your own think, heart, and not from your parents choice or the worst, friend and boyfriend. think awhile, close your eyes, use your brain and heart, what will you do in the future? what do you want to be? and then, you can choose what field you must take for continue the study in high school.

third, if you do all above tips, you can get the scholarship based your field, PMDK, and if you lucky, maybe you will get chance to college in university of indonesia without any test. is that nice? yup, nice!

you shouldn't think about privat for national examination or take course for the test.
but, it's different for ITB-ers :) privat is a must. you must fighting! practice everyday! play less, study hard! and then, you can continue your play in long holiday after got the university :)

then, hope this help you :)


indeterminancy of me

I don't know, where i should be tell this, or who wants to hear my confession about this. I just thought that, in here, my blog, maybe there will be someone read and will give me his or her replied about my problem.

Started with unknown and foreign, started with innocent-me with him, i don't know but i'm sure i love him day by day without anyone know. anyone, include my best friend. what i feel about him, or what i do with him were secret, yup. they are- my secret, not an affair or something bad which you figured it out or blah blah but, emm.. i and he are not typical normal here. or me not normal.

my status is single, but in my heart, i'm not. i were taken long ago :)

but, by who? -- i'm asking to him this day about this. i don't think he feel the same way.

Ied ul-fitr Mubarak!

Guess what? I'm in the mood to write this into English because before i wrote this, i've blogwalking around and read some wonderful blog shared in English; they had nice way to read and nice stories to shared.

Focus now, i came back after from my sacred holiday in my own home. What is sacred anyway in here? i meant sacred is for long, precious, and cheap holiday. One word to describe the best holiday is family :) the others are friends and mall.

 mom's cake and ketupat :)

Ied ul-fitr is holy day for moeslem to celebrate their ended fasting month or ramadhan. In the morning, i woke up and prepared to catch up among my family to get the nearest mosque for salat ied. finished it, we-- me and my family took the breakfast together. the special breakfast in that day was consist of rice cake boiled in a rhombus-shaped packet of plaited young coconut leaves or the indonesian is ketupat. in this year, my mom made tauco sauce for ketupat and that was really yummy! i didn't lie, you must tasted it. with chips or kerupuk, the tasted will be more great than usual. after that, i grabbed my nastar cookies and ate it for an hour.

after our stomach fully filled then we got on feet front of our home welcomed the guest-- our neighborhood who came for saying sorry and apologizing one another. and this is the happy scene of ied ul-fitr, sorry words, minal aidin wal faidzin, and a little amount of rupiah for little kids which sprouts smile and happiness made that day became really holy day :) then while the guest and we around the house area, i kept about a lil money from neighboor haha.


in noon, we prepared the car to rode a while for my nearest daddy's family in rawamangun. a nice conversation between them, i met my aunt whom almamater from unpad and they gave me opinion about my college life, thanks for them :) and i shoot many pictures from my lil sister because that day she was really in pretty seeing.

day two, we enjoyed Jakarta and rode along the road-- i meant no traffic road. nah nah, this is one of another who i wanted from ied ul-fitr. in this holy day, Jakarta will be very quiet and like no one live there. We end up at one mall in Jakarta, to shopping our ied money. The most favourite shop i visited was Japanese shop and toserba shop who sold anything there. I really enjoyed to seeing goods and bought some other cheap goods-- the others very expensive but unique, worth laah

Kyla posed many angle here, after two weeks i and her didn't meet, she made big advancement like words, tones, dance, and songs. She looked more beautiful day by day i didn't see her.

Okay, useless post again haha i can't make one like the other people which theirs can spread knowledge or info who important for people. but i hope, someone can make this useless to be usefull.

at the end, bismillah, i hope after we took the long ramadhan month and struggle being hungry and thirsty and be patient people, we can get the point of why we must struggle like that, why we should keep patient like that, and why we fasting. again, i hope i can do more positive act this year, and met the ramadhan next year, amien :)


Pasca OPK

Baru sempat cerita sekarang, tentang satu minggu yang lalu; di mana gue, melewati hari pasca opk yang menurut gue berat banget.

Pasca OPK adalah kegiatan di mana gue, mahasiswa baru fakultas ekonomi UI selesai mengikuti kegiatan OPK yang notabene dua hari dan siap mengikuti kegiatan perkuliahan. Pasca OPK itu kegiatannya bareng perkuliahan dan lamanya lima hari.

Hari pertama pasca OPK dengan berat hati nggak ada di kamus gue, atau lebih tepatnya, gue nggak ikut hari pertama kuliah karena sakit radang tenggorokan akut. Kalau di ingat-ingat lagi, tenggorokan gue saat itu beneran ancur seancurnya pas gue ngaca. Merahnya seluruh tenggorokan, udah gitu di tambah bintik-bintik putih atau kayak sariawan gitu (sakitnya jangan di tanya, bukan main sakit sampai gue nggak bisa ngomong dan nelan ludah sendiri). Saking nggak kuat nahan sakit, gue nggak bisa makan dan minum, badan gue lemes, dan gue meriang karena suhu badan panas. Waktu itu hari sabtu, besoknya gue berjuang menahan sakit karena hari minggu dokter di sekitar rumah gue tutup semua. Sayangnya, tanpa dokter artinya nothing. Gue akhirnya dengan berat hati pergi ke dokter besok hari dan sedih ngelihat jam mengingat harusnya gue di kampus, bukan di depan kamar dokter untuk di periksa.

Hari kedua pasca OPK, gue sudah pulih, alhamdulillah. entah bagaimana jadinya gue tanpa seorang dokter. udah mati lemas kali ya? hemm.. jam sebelas siang kalau nggak salah, gue udah di tebet siap-siap pergi ke depok naik kereta ekonomi. Kuliah hari selasa di jadwal gue emang siang, untungnya siang. Setelah di depok, gue ke kosan buat ganti baju dan siap-siapin peralatan buat pasca opk; name tag, papan jalan, pulpen, dan jas kuning. Setelah sampai di kampus, ternyata dugaan gue bener. Tugas pasca opk nggak main-main. Essaynya bikin biografi 200 kata tulis tangan, cukup membuat tangan anda keriting. Karena gue datang jam 11 lewat, sedangkan kuliah gue masuk jam 2, gue harus berpacu dengan waktu. Walaupun begitu, sempet-sempetnya gue ke kancil buat makan masakan di sana. Setelah kenyang, gue datang naik ojek ke FE karena nungguin bikun sama aja kayak nungguin keong; lama bener! kelas pertama gue adalah kelas pengantar ekonomi. Nama dosennya Bapak Irsan A. Saleh. Suaranya kecil banget tapi orangnya gaul. Keseluruhan not bad lah buat jadi pelajaran pertama gue di kuliah, nggak bikin negative way di otak haha, apalagi gue di kelas ini jadi ketua kelas (alhamdulillah) bisa mempermudah jalan perkuliahan lah setidaknya. Setelah selesai kuliah, gue di giring sama kakak kelas buat ikutan moshing eh salah, dimarah-marahin. Hari ini mereka marah karena masalah jumlah yang dateng dikit banget. Kita di cap angkatan penyakitan (gue tuh). Selesai dimarah-marahin, pulang dengan aman sentosa tanpa di antar kakak kelas. Buka bareng sama Umam dan Jo, habis itu gue tepar di kosan, capek banget!

Hari ketiga pasca OPK, sama aja kayak hari ke empat. Peralatan perang yang sama, juga bikin tugas essay selagi kuliah. Capek capek capeeeek..

saat nonton pertandingan di perhall

Hari ke lima menurut gue adalah hari yang paling berkesan. Hari sabtu, tepatnya hari ketiga OPK. Dari balairung, setelah ikut tes EPT, kita semua, maba FE di giring buat liat pameran dari BO dan BSO fakultas ekonomi, setelah itu liat pertandingan dari klub olahraga FE. Ada acara perkenalan dari panitia FE selain tim komdis. pas bagian komdis, menurut gue itu bagian yang mengerikan -___- gue kira, mereka bakal senyum dan minta maaf atau apalah, nggak kayak yang mereka lakukan, dateng rame rame pake baju item, tutup pintu pertamina hall (kita semua ada di dalam) kaget setengah mati denger mereka teriak-teriak, kita semua kayak burung dalam satu sangkar sama ular. Serem abis cuy!

Habis itu, setelah acara yang menyeramkan dari komdis, yang muslim shalat ashar, dan yang lain nunggu di luar. habis selesai shalat, kita semua di giring ke kolam makara buat apalagi selain cuci muka (horeee!) sayangnya, makara abu-abu pas penutupan acara ambruk karena lagi di renovasi -__- ya ampun. Udah gitu, kakak komdisnya pake bilang "liat tuh makara lo, ambruk!" bikin miris.. oke, setelah cuci muka yang sakral, muka gue gatel (parah) tapi tetep, gue bangga dan terharu juga merinding akhirnya gue, resmi jadi mahasiswi FE coy! udah cuci muka di makara gitu lho! tinggal nunggu diceburin di makara tiga setengah tahun lagi (amin)

 acara cuci muka di depan makara (ambruk)

Setelah itu, kita di suruh buka jas kuning dan buka name tag. Lari-lari lagi ke pertamina hall, kita semua siap buat buka bersama!! horeeee :)

situasi saat buka bersama

Gabung bersama kelompok OPK masing-masing, dan gue lari ke Leotief 18. Di sana, ada mama dan papa menunggu, yang aslinya kakak-kakak mentor baik hati, Kak Arul (EAK 2007) dan Kak Sekar (EAK 2008). Makan kolak, minum air putih, kue lumpur, risol, lontong, dan nasi kotak yang isinya mewah bikin perut kenyang. Udah gitu, gue sama kelompok gue heboh liat pemandangan komdis (komisi kedisiplinan) yang ketawa-ketawa dan tersenyum lepas di depan maba, aneh aja gitu gue liatnya. Setelah buka bersama, akhirnya kelompok gue foto bareng jugaaa, setelah sekian lama menghabiskan waktu bersama tapi tanpa foto bersama. Sayangnya gue nggak sempet foto sama Tasya, si anak gembala. Setelah setengah jam buka bareng, si Tasya pamit pergi karena sibuk syuting kali ya hahahhhahaha.

Tapi, setelah acara selesai pun Leotief nggak ada yang mau pisah, sibuk foto sana dan sini, ngatain mama dan papa yang nggak mau di panggil mama dan papa terus sama anak-anaknya, juga temen-temen gue yang pada mau foto sama kak bisuk dan para komdis yang kece lainnya. Gue sih maunya foto sama kak yando sama kak ima, sayangnya mereka udah ngilang kayak angin, wuuss. sama aja kayak tasya -__-

 anak-anak Leotief (18)

aih aih, tangan papa mau ke mana tuh hahahaha

nyahaha ketauan >,<

L for Leontief :)

Akhirnya, selesai juga OPK dan Pasca OPK.. dan artinya, benar-benar akan di mulai dunia perkuliahan gue yang seberat dosa gue di dunia. Banyak banget pelajaran yang bisa gue ambil dari OPK ini, sumpah banyak banget. Menurut gue, ini adalah pelatihan yang paling bagus selama gue sekolah. Komdisnya pun pinter ngatur emosi buat tugas dan pribadi (walaupun ada beberapa yang lewat batas karena khilaf), acara yang teroganisir sampai anak-anak baru dianterin pulang ke kutek dan pocin serta barel. Nggak ada acara main fisik dan setengah jongkok yang sudah turun temurun itu, walaupun alasannya karena bulan puasa.

minta maaf ala komdis-- push up up up :)

 Kak Luthfian (EAK 2007) dapat angket terfavorit -- PO OPK 2010 yang tegas dan berani, asik dah

Kak Yando, ketua komisi kedisiplinan 2010 aka komdis. ternyata senyumnya.. cling cling

Terima kasih banyak semuanya. Tunggu tiga sampai empat tahun ke depan, di mana gue, yang kalian nggak tau keberadaannya seperti si bene, bisa menoreh prestasi di FE bahkan UI atau bahkan Dunia :)



H-1 Hari Raya Idul Fitri

Ya Allah.. seumur-umur hambamu hidup, belum pernah rasanya menyia-nyiakan bulan suci ramadhan separah tahun ini.. :'(

Bukannya menyalahkan kegiatan kampus atau apa, tapi serius, bulan ramadhan di depok atau lebih tepatnya di kosan sama sekali nggak berasa. Gue tetep puasa, tapi hikmah dan nikmat bulan ramadhan sama sekali nggak berasa. Nggak ada feel yang greget karena gue banyak banget ngelewatin shalat tarawih dan i'tikaf serta baca al-qur'an. Apalagi nunggu lailatul qadar.. sama sekali lupa karena kecapekan dan mementingkan tidur dari pada yang lain. Udah gitu, karena ngekos dan sahur sendirian.. rasanya blank banget puasanya. nggak ada tuh shalat subuh jamaah kalau di rumah.

Yasudah, lupakan lah.. semoga nggak terulang lagi tahun depan, amin.
Ngomong-ngomong Lebaran, ada satu barang khusus yang selalu gue tunggu pas idul fitri;


Sejujurnya, makanan kesukaan gue selain ayam goreng buatan ibu adalah Nastar! Apapun bentuknya, modelnya; yang gulung apa yang bulat atau yang ada kenari, keju atau cengkeh gue sukaaa! Nastar itu kue tradisional terenak sepanjang masa! Rasanya yang lumer, nanasnya yang asem manis udah gitu gurih bikin ketagihan! Gue, kalau lebaran, nggak cukup satu kotak nastar, minimal tiga! karena di rumah gue, nastar itu emang kue yang khusus buat lebaran aja, jadinya tau lah kenapa gue kalap kalau lebaran makan nastar. Di rumah sodara aja, nastar yang di toples bisa gue abisin dalam setengah jam sendirian, hahahaha

 ya udah yaa. cukup sekian cerita tentang nastarnya. search di google bikin gue ngiler aja liat gambar nastar, bejibun dan mengkilat gitu, pasti enak deh *,*


 Ayat-ayat Cinta
"aku rasa.. sungai nil dan mesir, itu jodoh. senang ya, kalau kita bisa bertemu dengan jodoh yang diberikan tuhan dari langit" Maria - Ayat-ayat Cinta
Satu film yang bisa membuat gue tergugu saat nonton. Film yang menurut gue berdampak besar hingga sekarang bagi gue. Pengen banget rasanya dapet jodoh yang kayak Fachri, akhlak bagus, otak pinter, muka ganteng.. rasanya bakal sejahtera kalau nikah sama cowok model begitu.

Tapi selama gue nonton ayat-ayat cinta, gue selalu merasa kalau posisi diri gue itu adalah Maria, bukan Aisyah. Nggak tahu kenapa. Rasanya, gue belum tahu cinta itu apa, cuma keinginan untuk memiliki.

Kalau denger kalimat Maria dan Fachri yang di penutupan cerita, gue selalu nangis (berasa tua banget butuh jodoh).


Namanya juga film dan novel, pasti indah kayak para tokoh dari negeri dongeng. Mana ada manusia zaman sekarang akhlaknya sebagus Fachri? mana ada orang yang begitu di Indonesia? kalau pun ada, biasanya cowok model begitu juga nyari cewek yang kayak Aisyah, bukan model cecunguk kayak gue hahhaa -- Udah tau gitu tetep aja.. -__-