Random me

you know, lately i'm not interest with 'the yellow' things anymore. no no. i'm afraid to faces with fact that between my dream, my passion and my real ability, which is depend on my score in the past exam i took at 11th April. Oh god! i really want to use 'the yellow' things, but i scared to know the reality. About saying i'm not pass and should fighting in the next test, in 22 June. NO!

i really love art. photos, music, color and the texture. Loving the sky, moon and light. I will crazy enough if i see the beautiful things. My friend had known my habit. Especially darizky, my photograph friend :) we have some match hobbies and we had made resolution if we'll pass the indonesia university, what'll we do, what'll we be going to. Such a nice plan

Ferris wheel, and the dream spot. Disneyland and the Tokyo light town. Heart it!

Source : flickr and google

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